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  2. Add Subo to get to know them with continuous polls, surveys and forms 
  3. Create something they want.
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Subo the Survey Bot

💡 Need feedback on a new idea? 

🔬 Wondering who your users are and what gets them fired up?

🍿 Not sure when to plan and what to do in your next community event?
🧑‍💻 Need an application form to recruit new mods? 

🤯 Just want to break the ice with not-so-serious questions so your community starts chatting?


Collect feedback and make confident decisions with your community in Discord.

  • Surveys

    Invite your users to answer one or many questions, open or closed, in private threads inside Discord. 

  • Customizable Polls

    1-question polls with many options: anonymous votes, scheduling, time limit, images, public or hidden results, vote change option, cloning and more.

  • Shareable Results

    View results privately. Post them in the channel you like, automatically when the survey stops or manually. Export the full data set with all individual answers.

More than 7,000 Discord servers already use Subo!

More than 7,000 Discord servers already use Subo!

❤️ by mods, community managers, creators, entrepreneurs, product, UX and insights teams. 

" I love Subo! Best survey bot ever! So easy and simple to use! Any issues are dealt with swiftly by an awesome customer support person! "


" This app is perfect. And the support they provide is also top notch. Highly recommended if you're doing any type of poll, survey, or voting "


" Simple and so great to use "

Judge Jaxon

" Thank you for having the best poll bot out there, seriously. I have tried a lot of them. This is by far the best. "

YeahImShady, Late to Work Sports

This is the best polling solution on Discord currently. The setup is intuitive and not once caused me any issues. Having managed a server of over a thousand participants and needing something specific for anonymous voting with anonymous results, this was the perfect bot where no other poll solution bots did the job. It can listen to Integrations roles (something larger bots such as carl & MEE6 cannot do), you can set specific role restrictions, and even multiple choice surveys. Alongside that, its support team is top notch and attentive to its userbase's questions and concerns. 

DJTiki 🌴

" Used this bot with over 400 users to make a trivia month every day of last month and worked out great! I was making surveys with pictures, that had multiple options and then feeding the excel file I got from the bot at the end of the day to compile together a months worth of excel files, then made a leaderboard from that information! "


12 reasons to choose Subo


  • Easy to use! 😊

    Creating/editing a survey or a poll is as easy as having a chat with Subo. Tell Subo your objective and let its AI generate a survey draft for you.

  • Right inside your Discord server 🎮

    You work hard to make a great server. Don't send your members away to fill a form or answer a survey. No need to ask for their Discord ID, our integration takes care of it.

  • Shareable Results 📈

    View results privately in real-time. Share them if you want. Have Subo post final results automatically when the survey ends.

  • Full Data Export 📥

    Go deeper in the analysis. Download a full data export of all individual answers and Discord identifiers in a spreadsheet.

  • Super customizable 🪡

    Discover tons of customization options to make your projects unique and fit for purpose.

  • Fast & Responsive Support 🧸

    Our team covers almost all time zones to offer responsive support in our support server .

  • Reliable 24/7 ☂️

    Secure and stable Cloud Hosting 24/7. It just works.

  • Private by design 🔐

    Surveys are answered in private threads. Roles determine who can take a survey or have access to the survey data. Your members can view, control and delete their data at any time.

  • Made by Pros 🤓

    Built by team with decades of experience building survey platforms used by millions of global users and the top brands and researchers 

  • A touch of Magic ✨

    Tell Subo your objective and let its AI generate a survey draft for you. Click a button to let it analyze hundreds of open answers in an instant.

  • Only getting better! 👷

    New features added regularly. We are on a mission to build the best research platform on Discord. 

  • Generous Free Tier!🎁

    Free Tier is sufficient for most servers and uses. Affordable upgrades for larger servers and power users.

Survey Bot. Poll Bot. Built for Discord.

Your community members answer your poll question or complete a survey in a private thread. Subo can do both. 

Polls and surveys are fully integrated with your Discord server and experience: only your members can participante, you can limit access to specific roles, reward the participants with a role on your server, you can export the data set with Discord usernames, etc.

  • Discord Poll with Subo the Survey Bot
  • Survey results in Discord by Subo the survey bot
  • Home is your place to view edit and analyze all your polls and surveys with Subo directly in Discord
  • Command to create a Discord poll with Subo the Survey Bot
  • Subo survey invite mobile


  • 1

    Invite Subo to your server

    Click here to invite Subo, select your server and accept the suggested permissions. 

    Invite subo3
  • 2

    Create a poll

    Run the /poll command, type your question and up to 25 possible answers.

    Create poll subo1
  • 3

    Post it in your Discord server

    Let Subo post your polls in the channel of your choice. Your members can now vote.

    Customization options include:

    • maximum answers
    • vote change
    • results public, for voters only or hidden 
    • individual answers anonymous or not
    • images
    • time limit
    • advanced scheduling
    • role restrictions
    • and more 
    Poll colors subo green
  • 4

    Post multi-question surveys

    • Run /survey>new to create a multi-question survey from scratch, 
    • or let Subo write a draft powered by AI with /draft
    • When ready, edit and post an invitation message.
    • Your members click on the Answer button to start and open a temporary channel to answer privately.
    Invitation message with role subo
  • 5

    Sit and relax while your community answers

    • The survey experience happens entirely in your server. 
    • Receive optional notifications of new responses.
    Pmf survey 3 subo
  • 6

    See and share survey results

    • Poll or survey, review detailed results in real-time with the /survey>results command, even if the project is still open. 
    • Share the results with your community (or keep them for yourself). 
    • Export an Excel file with individual answers to go deeper in the analysis. 
    Results   subo

Subo AI: Save time and beat the writer's block!

Brief Subo with your research objectives, and it creates a draft questionnaire for you, ready to publish to your community. Save time and beat the writer's block!

  • Enter your brief to Subo.AI
  • Enter options such as language and maximum questions
  • Subo.AI returns a draft survey


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